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Built for QuickBooks Online

SOS Inventory was designed to work with QuickBooks Online (QBO) from the ground up. Most apps integrate with QuickBooks as an afterthought, as in "Hey we built an app. Now let's try to make it work with something." That's not how we do things. We are long-time END USERS of Quickbooks Online -- since 2006 in fact.

We built SOS Inventory because we needed a way to solve business problems while using QuickBooks Online -- probably a lot like you, if you've read this far. :-) That's what sets SOS Inventory apart, and why we've grown rapidly over the past 7 years to become the leading inventory, order management, and manufacturing add-on built for QuickBooks. That's what we focus on, all day every day.

Here's an Example

On an otherwise nondescript Monday morning in March 2016, SOS Inventory's automated system monitor detected an error trying to synchronize with QuickBooks Online. Within minutes, an experienced developer from SOS was looking at the problem. He quickly determined that about 10% of sync requests to QBO were succeeding, and about 90% were failing with a weird response from QBO. He ran some tests and determined conclusively that there was a QBO server error, as opposed to an SOS server error.

The next step was to open a trouble ticket with QuickBooks support, which QB normally resolves within 48 hours. For most app developers, that's where it stops. For SOS, the real work was just beginning. What were SOS customers to do for possibly up to 48 hours while waiting for QB to fix the problem? Several years ago, SOS had run into a similar issue, on an older version of the QB sync system. At the time, QB provided a workaround that helped resolve the issue temporarily. So the SOS developer looked up that case history and applied the old workaround to this new problem. Sure enough, it worked! He then initiated the procedure for an emergency code deployment to the SOS servers, and within minutes, SOS customers were back syncing with QuickBooks. Once QB fixed the server problem, SOS returned its sync system to normal.

THAT'S an example of why businesses trust SOS, and an example of why our sync with QB is so much more reliable than others.